Add life to your Old Bathroom

Bathroom is one of the places in your home, which is in use constantly and with time it automatically loses its charm. After few years almost every one of us has the requirement of bathroom refurbishment. It can be a nightmare, imagine trying to coordinate tiles, plumbers, electricians etc. Generally, the refurbishment includes replacing the tiles, wash hand basin and toilet. It can also be plaster coating of the ceiling, woodwork, painting or simply decoration. Bathroom refurbishment is a time consuming job and can be very tiring.


Whether fitting yourself or using a specialist, you’ll need to decide how you want to design your bathroom. For ideas for bathroom refurbishment, Pinterest is a great tool. The cost of the bathroom refurbishment depends on the price of products you choose. You might want expensive new tiles or a new bathtub, it really depends what you want. There are few tips to save money on bathroom refurbishment cost:

  • Do a lot of window shopping, compare prices and you could save hundreds of pounds.

  • Prefer to keep the same size of the bathroom, changing shape or size of a bathroom is a costly job.

  • Don’t replace all of the fixtures if you don’t have to, this could save lots of money.

  • Avoid natural stones because they are lot more expensive, instead go for stone look tiles, which are lot more cheaper.

  • Check out the discount range of tiles or last year’s collections at a cheaper price.


At the end try to hire a good contractor, after all what is the point buying stunning new accessories if the end result look incomplete and disheartening. It will end up being the waste of your time, where as if you hire a contractor, you will end up with far better and professional results.

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